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Bags - Padded Shippers

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Bags - Padded Shippers
Material Grade
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525908-1/2"X14-1/2" S/S JIFFY PADDED3SSP Login
525926" X 10" S/S JIFFY PADDED BAG0SSP Login
525958-1/2"X 12" S/S JIFFY PADDED2SSP Login
525969-1/2"X14-1/2" S/S JIFFY PADDED4SSP Login
5259814-1/4"X 20" S/S JIFFY PADDED7SSP Login
5259910-1/2"X 16" S/S JIFFY PADDED5SSP Login
5310812-1/2"X 14-1/2"S/S PADDED BAG4A-SS Login
531104" X 8" JIFFY PADDED BAG000-PADDED Login
531115" X 10" JIFFY PADDED BAG00-PADDED Login
531126" X 10" JIFFY PADDED BAG0-PADDED Login
531137-1/4" X 12" JIFFY PADDED BAG1-PADDED Login
531148-1/2" X 12" JIFFY PADDED BAG2-PADDED Login
531158-1/2"X 14-1/2"JIFFY PADDED BAG3-PADDED Login
531169-1/2"X 14-1/2"JIFFY PADDED BAG4-PADDED Login
5311810-1/2" X 16" JIFFY PADDED BAG5-PADDED Login
5312012-1/2" X 19" JIFFY PADDED BAG6-PADDED Login
5312214-1/4" X 20" JIFFY PADDED BAG7-PADDED Login
532207-1/4"X 12" S/S JIFFY PADDED1SSP Login
5323112-1/2"X 19" S/S JIFFY PADDED6SSP Login
683999-1/2"X 14-1/2" "YESTERDAYS NEWS" MAILER4SSP-NEWS Login
8804612-1/2"X 14-1/2"JET PAK MAILERS4A-PADDED Login
880598-1/2"X14-1/2" S/S JIFFY PADDED3SSP Login