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Value Added Adhesive Solutions for Industry Since 1930
Today more than ever before it is important to understand the key role that packaging products play in keeping our economy and our world functioning normally. Particularly, packaging related products are essential to industry and manufacturing and are in high demand in the retail environment. From industrial tape to packaging tape and hot adhesives as well as structural adhesives and epoxy there are many different types of packaging products that are available professionally as well as through retail outlets. All of these products must be sourced from the right company to ensure the highest quality.   Quality Packaging   Even those in the aerospace industry and the automobile manufacturing industry routinely turn to quality packaging products to ensure that there is no interruption in the manufacturing or production process. Other commonly sourced packaging products include everything from laminate polypropylene to laminate polyester as well as bags and films. Even cushioning materials and materials intended to protect items being shipped can be frequently sourced from high-quality providers. Consumers and those in manufacturing and industry have many choices when it comes to packaging products that are available today. That said, one company has continually outpaced the competition each and every year.   Knowledgeable and Dedicated   Evans/EVCO is a trusted and reliable name when it comes to converting as well as distributing commercial packaging products. This includes everything from adhesives to pressure sensitive materials such as tapes to anything else imaginable related to shipping, packaging or laminating. The company brings years of experience to the table with a team of knowledgeable and dedicated professionals always standing by and ready to assist. With so much to offer it is clear to see why Evans/EVCO has grown to be one of the more popular choices in this particular segment of the economy.   Decades of Experience   Even printing services such as for making product identification or corporate IDs is readily available through one of the industries most dependable companies. Other commonly sourced products include everything from palletizing accessories to dispensers as well as even self-wound over-laminates. With no minimum requirements, any job large or small alike is always accepted. With decades of experience in offering value added adhesive solutions, few other companies can compare. Contact Evans/EVCO today to learn more about packaging products with a proven track record.

The types of cutting from an industrial perspective are wide and varied today. This includes everything from digital cutting to single blade cutting as well as rotary die cutting and many innovative and unique types of other cutting procedures. One type of cutting system in particular that has proven quite useful to industry and manufacturing today is something known as flatbed die cutting. This is a unique and innovative type of cutting that offers wide and varied application in many different industries. From the aerospace industry to the car industry as well as the military and many other applications, this is one type of cutting that is really indispensable today.   Faster and More Accurate Cutting   This custom and unique type of cutting option allows for a broad range of varied volume related requirements. More specifically, this kind of cutting technology is highly versatile when it comes to material specifications. Keep in mind that materials that are typically tougher and thicker will enjoy faster and more accurate cutting when using this style of unique cutting system. Even ultrathin types of material such as metal foil and other opposed materials that are high density will enjoy excellent cutting results through the use of flatbed die cutting systems. With so much to offer it is clear to see why this type of cutting technique that offers impressive cutting tolerances is so popular today.   An Impressive Company With Years Of Experience in the Industry   As an added advantage, flatbed die cutting is ideally suited for embossing operations. With remarkable versatility for a wide range of applications it is clear to see why flatbed die cutting is one of the more popular types of cutting procedures available to industry and manufacturing in our modern world. While there are many choices when it comes to companies that offer this type of innovative cutting technique, one company has outshined the competition year after year. Evans/EVCO is an impressive company with years of experience in the industry. With a proven dedication to the best in quality customer service this is a company that simply gets it right in terms of flatbed die cutting. Contact the company today to learn more.  

It is of little surprise that digital cutting offers incredible versatility and flexibility when it comes to a wide range of cutting jobs. In fact, digital cutting offers deliverables for many different types of industries requiring outstanding latitude in a cutting technology. From exhibits to furniture and frames as well as display boards and architectural models in addition to everything from signage to custom packaging and boxes, digital cutting plays an important role in keeping businesses running smoothly. As a matter of fact without the advent of digital cutting many of today’s modern businesses would likely cease to exist.   A Seamless Flow in Terms of Transition   Everything from contour cuts to custom cutting for display systems is possible today with advances in digital cutting technology. The complexity of a project regardless of how extensive or detailed can benefit substantially from all that digital cut technology has to offer. The technology is remarkably adaptable and perhaps most important of all it does not require customized tooling. As such prototyping along with a seamless flow in terms of transitions when it comes to production for specific parts is easy and convenient. With so much to offer it is clear to see why cutting that is digital in nature is quickly becoming the new standard.   Outstanding Solutions For Producing Highly Specialized Parts   Whether it is small multilayer pieces or large heavy-duty format style die cuts, digital cutting is likely the perfect option. Along with the many unique applications of digital cutting as discussed above, this type of cutting technique offers outstanding solutions for producing highly specialized parts for industry and manufacturing. Accurate cuts are the standard when working with a wide array of materials. This includes everything from rubber to acrylic and foam as well as woven material, aluminum and even wood. Cardboard and other soft materials are equally as well suited in terms of digital cutting. Keep in mind that the maximum cutting length is virtually infinite while there are some limits to material thickness. Talk with the experts of Evans/EVCO today to learn more.  

Most people do not realize how important industrial tape is to our modern world. As a matter of fact this type of highly versatile tape is essential for keeping businesses operating from many different perspectives. Whether it is single coated tape or packaging tape or even adhesive transfer tape, one thing is sure and that is that this type of tape is truly indispensable. That said choosing a quality distributor of high-grade packaging tapes and other types of tapes is absolutely essential to achieving business goals and objectives. Never accept second best when it comes to industrial tape products.   Specialty Tapes Play an Key Role in Industry   There are many different types of tapes in use today that should be considered. This includes everything from cloth industrial grade tape to filament tape of varying tensile strengths. The list goes on with everything from adhesive transfer tape to double coated paper and double-coated tissue. In addition, specialty tapes play a vital role in industry and manufacturing. Specialty tapes can include everything from nylon film tape to pipe thread sealant type tape products. Regardless of the width or kind of tape needed, when you work with the right company you can find exactly what you need. In addition, it is important for industry and manufacturing to have access to quality dispensers and a wide range of accessory equipment associated with various types of tape.   One Company has Consistently Outpaced the Competition   This includes everything from standard tape dispensers to tape machines and a wide range of dispenser related parts and components. Keeping businesses and industry operating at full capacity simply means having access to the right materials when needed. This includes all of the different types of tapes as discussed here. With the right industrial tape distributor, anything is possible. From the aerospace industry to the automobile industry, one company has consistently outpaced the competition as far as quality tape products are concerned. Evans EVCO is a respected and reliable name in the industrial tape industry. Contact the company today to learn more.  

Industrial operations as well as manufacturing plants and a wide range of other highly specialized businesses require access to reliable and dependable packaging supply distributors. In fact, without access to this important resource, businesses would likely not be able to function at full capacity. Packaging is a key to many different types of industrial and manufacturing operations. From the automobile industry to the aerospace industry as well as even the medical industry and a wide range of other unique modern businesses, packaging supply distribution must be reliable and dependable.   Protecting Precious Production Line Products   Packaging products come in a wide array of unique options. This includes everything from cushioning and protection to tapes and palletizing as well as bags and films. In addition, cartons and containers play an important role in many different business distribution operations. From regular slotted cartons to parts bin boxes and mailing tubes as well as bags and padded shipping products, getting it right when it comes to quality products and services means working with a trusted name in the industry. Cushioning and protection related products are particularly important when protecting precious production line products and is absolutely necessary. Protective paper, protective film and protective transparent materials all ensure that products, parts, components and pieces are all delivered without damage.   A Well-Known Company With a Proven Track Record   With so much to offer it is clear to see why industrial packaging supply distributors are so important today. Working with a respected name in the industry when it comes to packaging supply distributor companies can make all the difference. For example, one company above all others has stood the test of time when it comes to delivering on promises. Evans EVCO is a well-known company with a proven track record in terms of providing high quality packaging products to industry and manufacturing across the country. With years of experience in the industry and a dedication and commitment to quality customer service, this is one company that simply gets it right. Contact Evans EVCO today to learn more.  

Industrial fabrication has many faces in today’s world of manufacturing and industry. As a matter of fact industrial fabricating capabilities have become more versatile and more varied in recent years than ever before. With the use of sophisticated equipment and the benefit of fast turnaround times, industry, businesses and manufacturing have more options than ever before when it comes to metal fabrication as well as other types of industrial fabrication services. Whether it is machining, welding or cutting, one thing is sure and that is that fabricating at an industrial scale is essential for today’s modern industry and manufacturing operations to be a success.   The Broad Applications That it Makes Possible   Perhaps what is so unique about the fabricating capabilities of today, from an industrial perspective is the wide range of operations currently in use. For example from scoring to kiss cutting and but cutting as well as cut to length operations, the procedures and techniques used today are wide and varied. Metal fabrication is particularly useful in terms of the broad applications that it makes possible. Using raw materials, those that perform industrial fabricating operations can produce sections of metal, flat metal, parts and components that are highly accurate even in large lots. Advances in fabricating technology only make this type of industrial capability more reliable and more accurate.   Helping Businesses To Maintain Yearly Profitability Levels   With a booming economy, industrial fabricating capabilities make it possible for businesses of all sizes to achieve economic growth and to thrive. Industrial fabricating has become one of the most important aspects of modern business performance. Helping businesses to maintain yearly profitability levels that are high is best achieved through working with the right industrial fabricating company. While there are many choices when it comes to industrial fabricating businesses that are located across the country, one company has continued to outpace the competition. Evans/EVCO is a trusted name in industrial fabrication services. Contact the company today to learn more about industrial fabricating capabilities that are always a cut above.  

A wide range of industrial adhesive products that are available today play an important and vital role in keeping industry and manufacturing on track. As a matter of fact, industrial adhesives are one of the most important products for many different types of industries today. From the aerospace industry to the automobile industry as well as the medical industry and even the military, adhesives that are industrial in nature must be sourced from the right company to ensure only the highest quality. Those in search of everything from epoxies to structural adhesives as well as hot melt adhesives and spray adhesives should choose carefully in terms of a company that offers this type of unique product.   Deliver Adhesives in a Timely and Accurate Way   Spray adhesive and lubricants are particularly important and must be of superior quality to ensure total reliability. Along with the many different types of adhesives available today it is also important to make sure that your business has the right parts, components, accessories, equipment and dispensers that are needed to deliver adhesives in a timely and accurate way. Indeed, even the best adhesives are of little use without the right kinds of dispensers and accessories. Working with a reliable and respected source in the industry when it comes to the very best in quality industrial adhesives is the first step in getting it right in this regard.   A Wide Range of Industrial Products and Services   One company in particular that has consistently exceeded customers’ expectations is Evans/EVCO. The company brings years of experience to the table when it comes to a full array of unique industrial adhesive products. With impressive quality customer service and a dedication and commitment to total customer satisfaction, this is one company that has stood the test of time. Regardless of the type of industrial adhesives needed, Evans/EVCO can deliver in terms of quality and timeliness. With so much to offer it is clear to see why Evans/EVCO is a top choice for a wide range of industrial products and services. Contact Evans/EVCO today to learn more about industrial adhesives and many other important related products.  

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of modern industry and manufacturing is that of having access to the most innovative and state-of-the-art cutting technology available. While there are a wide range of cutting techniques and technologies used today, digital cutting is likely one of the most versatile and adaptive available. It offers the ability to produce highly customized products that would not be possible otherwise. Customized tooling is not necessary when working with advanced digital cutting techniques and procedures. Simply stated, digital cutting allows for prototyping and the seamless transition of parts in the production process.   Cut With Incredible Accuracy in a Timely and Cost Effective Way   Whether it is large format die cuts or various types of small multilayer pieces, businesses, industry and manufacturing can expect remarkably accurate cuts in a full variety of materials. From rubber to leather and corrugated material as well as foam and woven material, digital cutting consistently exceeds the expectations of businesses. Even aluminum composites and wood can be cut with incredible accuracy in a timely and cost effective way when choosing digital type cutting procedures. Digital cutting is truly state-of-the-art and takes industry and manufacturing to an entirely new level. With impressive tolerances, cutting that is digital in nature is clearly second to none.   High Quality Services at Highly Competitive Prices   Regardless of the substrate in question, digital cutting is the smart choice for innovative and forward-looking businesses in the industrial and manufacturing sector. Choosing the right company when it comes to digital cutting services can make all the difference in this regard. One company in particular that has produced impressive results over the years for industry and manufacturing is Evans/EVCO. The company has a long history of providing excellent quality services at highly competitive prices. Having served businesses throughout Kansas City and across the country since 1930, Evans/EVCO is simply the smart choice today. Contact Evans/EVCO to learn more about digital cutting services that allow businesses to stay highly competitive and more profitable.  

When it comes to a packing supply distributor choosing the right company can make a big difference in the final outcome. From packing material to a wide range of packaging products and accessories, choosing carefully as an owner or manager of an industrial business or manufacturing business is essential to maintaining high levels of profitability. Getting it right as far as sourcing the best in industrial tapes, spray adhesives, bags and films as well as dispensers and cushioning and protecting equipment is absolutely essential. This is especially true considering the highly competitive nature of today’s modern businesses.   Keeping an Operation on Schedule and Within Budget   When you work with a trusted and reliable name in packing supply you can be sure that quality products and timely distribution will be the order of the day. Even something as basic as packaging tapes can make all the difference when it comes to keeping an operation on schedule and within budget. While it is true that modern industry and manufacturing operations have many choices in today’s world related to packing and packaging supply distributors, one company has proven to be a leader in the field. Evans/EVCO is one of the most respected and reliable sources for efficiently and affordably converting and distributing commercial packaging products.   A Respected Name in Packing Supply Distribution   Having served the industry since the 1930s, Evans/EVCO is the smart choice among discerning businesses today. Offering everything from bonding to masking and professional cutting services, this is a company with a proven track record. Even printing services are available as well as salvage rewinding and fabricating. Few other companies have the versatility and wide range of products and services made available by Evans/EVCO. The right solution is always at hand when working with a respected packing supply distribution team. The professionals on staff at Evans/EVCO are always standing by and ready to help. Contact Evans/EVCO today to learn more about a packing supply distributor that simply gets it right.  

Now more than ever before and in a highly competitive world, industry and manufacturing companies require access to the highest quality cutting technology available. This is especially true considering the fact that cutting techniques have advanced and become more complex in recent years. Industry and manufacturing routinely use a wide range of different types of cutting protocols. This includes everything from single blade cutting to digital cutting and flatbed die cutting. In addition, rotary die cutting and other types of innovative cutting techniques are often employed to help businesses become more efficient and more cost-effective.   Engraved Rotary Cutting Tools Get The Job Done   Rotary die cutting is a popular option in industry and manufacturing because it is particularly well suited to piece cutting. As a matter of fact this type of cutting technique allows companies to specify an exact shape so that it can be cut to precise specifications. More specifically, engraved rotary cutting tools get the job done in an impressive way while doing so quickly and efficiently. When dies are made in such a way that they match the exact tolerances that a customer needs, it is more likely that total customer satisfaction will be achieved. Whether it is cross-perforating or linear perforating as well as kiss cutting or scoring, one thing is sure and that is that choosing the right company that is dedicated to professional cutting of this kind can make a big difference.   The Company Specializes in Pressure Sensitive Materials   Always meeting or exceeding industry tolerances, this company has stood the test of time when it comes to the best in rotary die cutting services. Evans/EVCO is a leader in converting and distribution of commercial services such as rotary die cutting. In addition the company specializes in pressure sensitive materials as well as commercial packaging products. With years of experience working with industry and manufacturing across the country, this is a trusted name in cutting services that simply cannot be ignored. Contact Evans/EVCO today to learn more.