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Industrial businesses and manufacturing companies demand high quality tape for many different kinds of operations and functionalities. One example of a versatile and innovative type of tape product is something known as clear label tape. This is an important product that has wide application in today’s modern industry and manufacturing. It comes in different sizes, different qualities and fulfills different functions depending on the specific application at hand. Whatever the case may be, working with an experienced and knowledgeable team of experts in the industry is the best way to ensure that you have access to quality tapes for all your industry and manufacturing related operational needs.   Modern Industry and Manufacturing   From strapping tape to tear-able tape and even gummed paper tape as well as corrugated tape, the possibilities are virtually endless today when it comes to modern industrial tape products. Clear label tape that is of high quality will help to keep your operation on schedule without delays or interruptions. Other unique types of tape include everything from 2-sided tape to filament tape. Most people today do not realize what an important role tape plays in modern industry and manufacturing. Unique tapes like double coated tape and specialized pressure sensitive tape can make all the difference in keeping an operation running efficiently. While there are many choices when it comes to companies throughout Kansas City that offer unique tape products like clear label tape, one company has consistently outpaced the competition year after year.   Deliver The Absolute Best In Products   Evans/EVCO is a dependable and trusted source for the best in all types of packaging products, adhesives, laminates and tape. With years of experience in the industry, the company strives to deliver the absolute best in products and services to businesses throughout Kansas City as well as across the country. When it comes to processing and distributing commercial packaging products, few other companies can compare. From ultra customized products to off-the-shelf products and everything in between, Evans/EVCO is a company that simply gets it right. Contact Evans/EVCO today to learn more about clear label tape and other similar quality products.  

Kansas City is a welcoming and intriguing part of the country that has much to offer. While it is a great tourist destination that makes available much in terms of economic opportunity, it is also an industrial and manufacturing hub that simply cannot be ignored today. Industrial adhesives and laminates in Kansas City are widely available to industry and manufacturing requiring quality products in real time. The options available today when it comes to modern adhesives and laminates are many and varied. This can include everything from hot melt adhesives to adhesive type transfer tape and a host of unique industrial tapes.   On Schedule and Within Budget   It also includes everything from spray adhesives to epoxy and structural adhesives along with many different types of custom tapes. Working with an experienced and knowledgeable team of professionals that understand all aspects of adhesives, laminates and tapes as well as cutting and laminating will ensure that your operation stays on schedule and avoids operational delays. While there are many companies throughout the country that offer adhesives and laminates for industry, Kansas City has a company with a proven track record when it comes to these essential materials needed to keep businesses operating in an efficient way. Evans/EVCO is a reliable and trusted source for the best in a full array of packaging products as well as industrial adhesives and laminates.   Long List Of Satisfied Customers and Clients   This is especially true when it comes to the converting and distribution of packaging materials that are used commercially. Pressure sensitive tape along with many different kinds of unique adhesives and specialized materials are in the offering when working with Evans/EVCO. The company has a proven track record and a long list of satisfied customers and clients over the years letting you know you are working with a professional organization that is dedicated to the very best in Kansas City industrial adhesives and laminates. The company brings years of experience to the table and prides itself on delivering the absolute best in high-quality customer service to each and every customer and client. Contact Evans/EVCO today to learn more.

Getting it right when it comes to choosing the best type of tape can make a big difference in how well a project ultimately turns out over the short or long-term. For example, laminate tapes are frequently used in today’s businesses as well as being used by consumers in a number of unique ways. One of the keys to getting it right when it comes to choosing the perfect laminate tape is to work with a trusted name in the business. While there are many companies in the industry today that offer this type of tape product, one company has stood the test of time.   Not All Laminate Tapes are Created the Same   Evans/EVCO is an industry leader in high-quality industrial tapes of all kinds including laminate tapes. The company brings years of experience to the table when it comes to just about any type of packaging product or tape imaginable. From spray adhesive to specialty tapes along with dispensers and equipment Evans/EVCO is a company that simply gets it right. Keep in mind that not all laminate tapes are created equally. Some are clearly better than others in terms of quality and overall durability.   Off-The-Shelf Solutions   By working with a trusted name like Evans/EVCO you will be sure that you are getting the highest quality tape at a fair and affordable price. The company offers a full range of commercial packaging products, adhesives and pressure sensitive materials including just about any type of tape used in industry today. From customized orders and products to many off-the-shelf solutions, Evans/EVCO can help industry, businesses, manufacturing companies and individual consumers make smart choices in different types of laminate tapes and tape in general.   Value Added Services   With no high minimum requirements and no job too small or too big, Evans/EVCO is always standing by ready to help. Known for outstanding customer service, the company is dedicated and committed to value added services and the very best in quality customer care. Whether it is adhesives, industrial tape, packaging products or laminates, Evans/EVCO can guide you in making the most cost-effective purchase possible. Contact Evans/EVCO today to learn more.

  From a business perspective one of the most important aspects of getting packaging right is in choosing the most appropriate type of industrial tape. Not surprisingly there are many choices today when it comes to a full variety of modern packaging tapes used in industry as well as tapes used in the private sector. Tape has wide application in our world and is used in everything from the aerospace industry to the automobile industry as well as the moving industry and many other businesses. Understanding tape and the value of quality tape can make a big difference overall.   Keeping Businesses Going Strong   Industrial tapes are unique in a number of ways and are routinely used for protecting, bonding, enhancing, masking, shielding, bundling or even dampening and splicing. Various types of tapes can also be used for joining and holding as well as color coding and reinforcing various parts, pieces and accessories. In fact, the wide and varied use of tape is so extensive that it has become one of the key aspects of keeping businesses going strong from an operational perspective. Making the right choices regarding the different kinds of tapes available can have a long-term impact on any business operation.   Industrial Grade Tapes   In addition, industrial tapes vary significantly in terms of how they are used and how they perform. For example, single coated tapes are used in many different types of applications. In this category there are cloth industrial grade tapes as well as cloth economy grade tapes and cloth utility grade type tape. Choosing the appropriate tape typically requires working with a professional in the industry. Packaging tapes also vary significantly and can include everything from filament tape that is either low or medium tensile to other types of packaging filament tape.   Trusted and Reliable Source   Finally, other kinds of tapes frequently used in today’s business world include adhesive transfer tapes and double coated tapes. Even specialty tapes such as pipe thread tape and nylon film tape as well as tape dispensers and tape parts and tape machines are all frequently sourced from a trusted and reliable leader in the industry. Evans/EVCO is a respected name in the tape industry and is the answer to all your tape and packaging related needs. Contact Evans/EVCO today to learn more.

Packaging plays an important role in today’s modern society and that is why it is so important to choose carefully when it comes to a packaging supply distributor. Whether it is an individual or a business owner, making the right choice can make a big difference in terms of saving money, time and effort. While there are many options when it comes to packaging supply distributors, choosing carefully can help businesses maintain profitability and help individuals to save money.   From Adhesives to Industrial Tapes and Bags   There are many products that fall under the umbrella of packaging supplies. This includes everything from adhesives to industrial tapes and bags and film as well as cushioning and protection. Other items include unique laminate polyester and different types of spray adhesives as well as hot melt adhesives. In addition, tapes come in many different varieties today. Tapes can be of the single coated variety or the double-coated variety or can be basic packaging tape depending upon what is needed.   Consistently Outpaced Others in the Industry   With so many choices in modern packaging supplies careful consideration when it comes to picking a packaging supply distributor simply make smart financial sense. While there are many companies that offer this type of service that are considered to be quite good, one company has consistently outpaced others in the industry in terms of affordability, fairness and outstanding customer service. Evans/EVCO is a reliable and trusted source for the very best in packaging related supplies, equipment and accessories.   Dedication and Commitment to Customers   Few other companies can compare in terms of attentive customer service professionals and pricing that is geared towards helping businesses and individuals save money. The company is literally a one-stop shop for anything related to packaging supplies. High quality products including everything from tape to cushioning and protection as well as cartons and containers are readily available through this respected name in the business. With a dedication and commitment to customers, this is one company that simply gets it right. Contact Evans/EVCO today to learn more about a packaging supply distributor with a proven track record.

Those in industry know the importance of choosing carefully when it comes to an essential product like self-wound overlaminates. In fact, this is a unique type of product that is used often in industry today and that offers many highly specialized properties that improve productivity. For example, this is a product that is typically engineered using adhesive formulas that are proprietary in nature. Self-wound overlaminates are available in multiple types when it comes to mil thickness and other parameters. Offering superior scratch protection this is the ideal tape for challenging applications in industry.   A Trusted Name in Self-Wound Overlaminates   There are a variety of options to choose among when talking about a unique product like self-wound overlaminates. For example, laminate matte is often offered in bulk and gives industry incredible flexibility in terms of projects that require this type of unique material. Even laminate polypropylene is required for different kinds of industrial applications. Evans EVCO is a trusted name in self-wound overlaminates. The company brings years of experience to the table when it comes to working with many different types of durable materials and adhesive products. This includes self-wound overlaminates for industrial application. Whether it is short-term outdoors applications or applications used indoors such as for indoor label and tag use, Evans EVCO is a company that simply gets it right.   Years of Experience   Evans EVCO routinely works with the full variety of overlaminates that are tested and proven reliable. Available in multiple thicknesses and a variety of face stocks, this is a product that must be chosen carefully by industry professionals wishing to maintain the highest levels of productivity at all time. Even laminate polyester type products must be considered when talking about self-wound overlaminates. With years of experience in working with all different types of industrial adhesive tapes as well as adhesives in general and packaging products, Evans EVCO is the smart choice for industry and businesses that demand the best in products. Contact Evans EVCO today to learn more about self-wound overlaminates and all that it makes possible.

Today more than ever before a wide range of industries require a variety of different and unique tapes for custom applications. One type of tape in particular frequently used in today’s industry is something known as laminate adhesive tape. This type of tape is often required for applications where a kind of tape is needed that can be simply pressed or laminated adhesive side down onto a particular material or surface. Once this has been accomplished, the liner is then peeled away for a strong and reliable bond.   Laminate Adhesive Tape is an Excellent Product   Laminate adhesive tape and other similar tape products come in a variety of styles and types for many different modern applications. For example, this kind of tape can be a high tack product or even one that is used for high-temperature resistance type projects. Either way, laminate adhesive tape is an excellent product used in many different modern industrial applications. It is considered a high performance tape that can be used in various industrial joining type projects. Robust, rugged and long lasting, this is a tape that is designed to last. Evans EVCO is a trusted and reliable source for a host of unique industrial tapes, adhesives and packaging products.   Products Designed To Improve Productivity For Industry   From packaging tape to single coated tapes and adhesive transfer tapes as well as double coated tapes, the possibilities are endless when choosing to work with this true industry leader. Years of experience and a dedication and commitment to outstanding products as well as excellent customer service have allowed the company to exceed expectations on a yearly basis. The company offers a full array of specialty tapes and custom products designed to improve productivity for industry. In addition, Evans EVCO offers many different types of industrial cutting services including digital cutting, single blade cutting and rotary die cutting. Contact Evans EVCO today to learn more about the best in laminate adhesive tape products with a proven track record.

Used in a wide range of applications, industrial tapes are important for adhesive bonding, packaging and wrapping as well as masking and even for insulation. It is important to note that industrial tapes come in different varieties that are typically subdivided into either non-adhesive or adhesive type tape. This kind of strong and durable tape is commonly used for joining materials while non-adhesive tapes and other types of specialty tapes are used for applications such as electrical insulation or thread sealing. Modern Tapes Even static discharge control can be managed better when using the right type of tape. Other unique applications for modern and advanced tapes include x-ray shielding as well as x-ray type photo marking. Labeling and part identification can also be facilitated through the use of the right kind of tape. Heat sinks, welding operations or directional type markings as well as thermal protection and the need for nonskid functionality all benefit greatly from various types of modern tapes. Few materials can compare to today’s advanced tapes when it comes to friction reduction and other similar applications. High-Quality Adhesive It is important to note that there are different types of tape categories. This includes single-sided adhesive tape, non-adhesive tape and double-sided adhesive tapes as well as transfer tape. Non-adhesive industrial tape does not have adhesive applied but in many cases can be self-adhering. Conversely, single-sided adhesive tape will have just one side of the tape coated with some type of adhesive material. In addition, double-sided adhesive tape is a kind of tape that obviously has both sides of the material coated with a high-quality adhesive product as discussed. Versatile Industrial Application For certain applications, there may be two variations of pressure sensitive adhesive used on this style of tape. The liners used in double-sided adhesive tape can vary as well. Finally, transfer tape is a unique type of robust and very versatile industrial application tape. This tape is composed of a thin adhesive film without any type of backing necessary. Contact Evans EVCO today to learn more about a full range of professional grade tapes for business and industry.

Today high-quality adhesive tape is more useful than ever before for both business and industry. That is why it’s so important to understand the basics when it comes to this essential product that is used on a daily basis across a wide range of industries. For example, peel strength is an important consideration when talking about adhesive tape. This is simply the adhesion force required when attempting to separate two surfaces that are bonded. In addition, tensile strength is a key aspect of the physical properties of tape that must be considered. In essence, tensile strength is the actual force necessary to break a section of tape, laminate or film. Dielectric Strength This is usually most easily accomplished by exerting force on the opposite ends of a piece of tape. Also important to consider is temperature resistance. A good quality adhesive tape will have a maximum temperature limit where the product will continue to work normally. Dielectric strength is equally of concern when choosing the right type of adhesive tape. It is simply the voltage that a particular type of adhesive tape can withstand without allowing current to pass through the product. When talking about adhesive tape, another consideration is in understanding the actual adhesive itself. Protection of the Adhesive In essence, an adhesive is nothing more than a coating that is applied to the substrate of the tape to ensure proper application. With non-adhesive tapes, of course there will be no adhesive involved. In addition, something known as the carrier or the backing of the tape is nothing more than a flexible thin material that allows for the application of adhesive so that the tape is fully functional. Finally, something known as release liners are the thin film, material or paper that is applied to tape to allow for protection of the adhesive. This is usually a nonstick coating that protects the adhesive so that it is ready for use when needed. The release liner is removed and discarded prior to use. Contact Evans EVCO today to learn more about a full range of industrial quality adhesive tapes.

Today there are more choices than ever before when it comes to unique and innovative types of tape. One example is laminated polyester tape, a tape that is useful for virtually any type of job or project. Laminate tape is unique in a number of ways including the fact that it is able to combine chemical, moisture and abrasion resistance with puncture resistance to produce an outstanding type of product. Considered super-strong by any standard, limited polyester tape is designed to be rugged and long lasting.   Out Perform A Wide Range Of Types Of Modern Tapes   In terms of the highest quality packaging tapes few other tapes can compare to this kind of polyester product. While there are many other choices in tapes including everything from cellophane to clear label tape and filament tapes, this is a unique type of tape that has a proven track record. From sealing packages to supporting virtually any other type of similar or related job, this tape gets the job done right every time. Regardless of the packaging job at hand, laminate polyester tape can out perform a wide range of other modern tapes. From pressure sensitive tapes to a host of commercial packaging products and adhesives, few other companies come close to all that Evans/EVCO offers.   Fulfills The Needs Of Customs   With no high-minimum requirements, virtually any job large or small alike is always accepted by the dedicated team of professionals at Evans/EVCO. The company is proud of the fact that it always fulfills the needs of its valued customers. Vibration control type services and packaging related services are just a few of the things offered by Evans/EVCO. Contact Evans/EVCO today to learn more about laminate polyester tape products and a wide range of other unique and innovative items that are intended to help industry and manufacturing stay more competitive.