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Value Added Adhesive Solutions for Industry Since 1930
Modern industry has access to some of the best and most effective adhesives available today. One type of adhesive in particular that has become increasingly popular in both industry and manufacturing is something known as a hot melt adhesive. This is a type of thermoplastic adhesive that is often available in stick form. The sticks come in various diameters. They are designed to use with hot glue guns. Larger industrial applications featuring the same product are often applied in a larger more heavier duty format.   Solvent-Based Adhesives   The actual process involves simply heating plastic glue. Then the melted substance is applied as necessary. Hot melt adhesive offers incredible versatility across a wide range of applications. In industry the product provides several clear and obvious advantages over other types of solvent-based adhesives. Most importantly when talking about hot melt adhesives, the curing and drying steps are virtually completely eliminated. This type of product is known for having a long shelf life and is typically non-toxic so it is easy to dispose of any unused product.   Ultraviolet Radiation   With so much to offer it is clear to see why this type of adhesive product has become incredibly popular in recent days. There are different types of curing techniques that are used when applying hot melt adhesive products. In some cases even ultraviolet radiation can be applied in the curing process. Offering superior strength and easy application, this is becoming a more popular kind of adhesive for both small and large industry as well as manufacturing operations. While temperature and other factors play an important role in how effective this type of glue material actually is, overall it is highly effective and incredibly useful in today’s world of industry and manufacturing.   Corrugated Boxes   It is obvious why hot melt adhesive is such a “hot” topic today. This type of adhesive can be used in the manufacturing of electronic devices as well as in the making of even disposable diapers. Spine gluing as well as the adhesion of flaps that are used in corrugated boxes and paperboard cartons is also a popular place where hot melt adhesive is frequently used. To learn more about this innovative and unique type of adhesive, contact Evans/EVCO. The company is always standing by and ready to assist.

Today more than ever before it is important to have access to the very best in structural adhesives as well as a wide variety of epoxy adhesives. These unique and innovative types of bonding solutions give engineers and designers along with manufacturers and others the greatest strength and the most versatile flexibility when required. Particularly, epoxy adhesives offer some of the highest strength available today. This is especially true when working with elevated temperatures and in environments that are chemical resistant.   Trusted and Experienced   In addition, many types of today’s modern adhesives offer quick curing capabilities and highly elastic bonding. Perhaps most notable of all is the fact that there are many times where flexibility between two different types of dissimilar materials is absolutely essential. This is when a wide range of epoxy adhesives and even structural adhesives come into play. Working with a trusted and experienced name in the industry is the best way to ensure that you have access to high quality structural adhesives and modern epoxy adhesives.   Adhesive Applications   In addition, there are many cases where adhesives are required for a variety of different types of component moisture curing purposes. Everything from plastic to wood and a wide range of other substrates can take advantage of innovative types of adhesive application such as hot melt techniques. Even instant adhesives are becoming more popular in industry and manufacturing today.   Structural Adhesives and Epoxy Adhesive   Also worth noting is that adhesive primers are often needed when working with structural adhesives and epoxy adhesive. With so much to offer it is clear to see why modern adhesives of this nature are so valuable to those in the manufacturing sector as well as those in industry. While there are many choices when it comes to companies that offer this type of product one company in particular has outpaced the competition year after year. Evans/EVCO is one of the most respected and trusted sources for the best in structural and epoxy adhesives. Contact the company today to learn more.

With unsurpassed versatility and wide range of applications today’s modern industrial laminate adhesives are more important than ever before to industry and manufacturing. In the fast-paced packaging industry, and what is increasingly a fast-paced industry in general, having the right type of laminate products can make all the difference. From solvent-based products to solvent free products, any type of packaging needs can be met today through the incredible flexibility and versatility of modern industrial laminate adhesives.   Maintenance and Repair   Perhaps most notable of all is the wide range of tapes and adhesives that are available today that can be used in a myriad of applications. From those in the electrical maintenance and repair industry to those who require different types of caulking in ceiling products, industrial laminate adhesive makes available an incredible range of operational applications. With so much to offer it is clear to see why tapes and adhesives of this nature are so valuable to industry and manufacturing these days.   Electrical Insulation   The use of this type of remarkable adhesive can be applied in working with everything from electrical insulation to cables as well as even solar window film. In short, the possibilities are endless when talking about industrial laminate adhesive products. These industrial grade adhesives have been developed to produce outstanding results under a wide range of conditions. With improved curing time and a wide array of solvent choices, modern industrial laminate adhesive only continue to grow in levels of importance in both the industrial and manufacturing environment.   Aviation Industry   Further, laminating technologies can even be used in the healthcare industry as well as the automotive and marine industry. In many cases laminate adhesives are required when manufacturing acoustical equipment and can even be used widely in the aviation industry. With most modern manufacturing demanding exacting standards, industry and manufacturing have become dependent on this vital product and all that it makes possible. Contact Evans Evco today to learn more about industrial laminate adhesives with a proven track record of performing in virtually any type of environment and under any type of conditions.