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Industrial businesses and manufacturing companies demand high quality tape for many different kinds of operations and functionalities. One example of a versatile and innovative type of tape product is something known as clear label tape. This is an important product that has wide application in today’s modern industry and manufacturing. It comes in different sizes, different qualities and fulfills different functions depending on the specific application at hand. Whatever the case may be, working with an experienced and knowledgeable team of experts in the industry is the best way to ensure that you have access to quality tapes for all your industry and manufacturing related operational needs.   Modern Industry and Manufacturing   From strapping tape to tear-able tape and even gummed paper tape as well as corrugated tape, the possibilities are virtually endless today when it comes to modern industrial tape products. Clear label tape that is of high quality will help to keep your operation on schedule without delays or interruptions. Other unique types of tape include everything from 2-sided tape to filament tape. Most people today do not realize what an important role tape plays in modern industry and manufacturing. Unique tapes like double coated tape and specialized pressure sensitive tape can make all the difference in keeping an operation running efficiently. While there are many choices when it comes to companies throughout Kansas City that offer unique tape products like clear label tape, one company has consistently outpaced the competition year after year.   Deliver The Absolute Best In Products   Evans/EVCO is a dependable and trusted source for the best in all types of packaging products, adhesives, laminates and tape. With years of experience in the industry, the company strives to deliver the absolute best in products and services to businesses throughout Kansas City as well as across the country. When it comes to processing and distributing commercial packaging products, few other companies can compare. From ultra customized products to off-the-shelf products and everything in between, Evans/EVCO is a company that simply gets it right. Contact Evans/EVCO today to learn more about clear label tape and other similar quality products.  

Kansas City is a welcoming and intriguing part of the country that has much to offer. While it is a great tourist destination that makes available much in terms of economic opportunity, it is also an industrial and manufacturing hub that simply cannot be ignored today. Industrial adhesives and laminates in Kansas City are widely available to industry and manufacturing requiring quality products in real time. The options available today when it comes to modern adhesives and laminates are many and varied. This can include everything from hot melt adhesives to adhesive type transfer tape and a host of unique industrial tapes.   On Schedule and Within Budget   It also includes everything from spray adhesives to epoxy and structural adhesives along with many different types of custom tapes. Working with an experienced and knowledgeable team of professionals that understand all aspects of adhesives, laminates and tapes as well as cutting and laminating will ensure that your operation stays on schedule and avoids operational delays. While there are many companies throughout the country that offer adhesives and laminates for industry, Kansas City has a company with a proven track record when it comes to these essential materials needed to keep businesses operating in an efficient way. Evans/EVCO is a reliable and trusted source for the best in a full array of packaging products as well as industrial adhesives and laminates.   Long List Of Satisfied Customers and Clients   This is especially true when it comes to the converting and distribution of packaging materials that are used commercially. Pressure sensitive tape along with many different kinds of unique adhesives and specialized materials are in the offering when working with Evans/EVCO. The company has a proven track record and a long list of satisfied customers and clients over the years letting you know you are working with a professional organization that is dedicated to the very best in Kansas City industrial adhesives and laminates. The company brings years of experience to the table and prides itself on delivering the absolute best in high-quality customer service to each and every customer and client. Contact Evans/EVCO today to learn more.

Today, more than ever before industrial businesses require access to the very best in hosts of cutting edge technologies as well as equipment and tools. In fact, there are many unique types of cutting functionalities that are frequently used in industry and manufacturing that are not seen in other segments of the economy. For example, flatbed die cutting as well as rotary die cutting and single blade cutting in addition to state-of-the-art digital cutting are all necessary to ensure that industry and manufacturing operations do not experience delays or interruptions.   Digital Cutting Can Get The Job Done Quickly   Considered to be one of the most adaptable and versatile types of cutting available today, digital cutting helps to keep businesses on schedule. Regardless of the process at hand, digital cutting can get the job done quickly, efficiently and without operational interruptions. Cutting that is digital in nature is unique in a number of ways including the fact that tooling that is customized or specialized in any way is simply not required. This means that prototyping and transitions to actual production are seamless when it comes to specific parts. Everything from small multilayer pieces to large format die cuts can be performed with incredible accuracy. As a result extremely accurate cuts are possible on a full variety of frequently employed materials in industry and manufacturing.   Maximum Cutting Length Can Be Essentially Infinite   This includes everything from leather to foam and acrylic as well as composite metal such as aluminum and even wood. In addition, a wide array of other types of substrates can be effectively cut using modern digital cutting techniques and tools. The maximum cutting length can essentially be infinite in nature with a maximum cutting width of up to 71 inches. Even more impressive is that material thickness can be a maximum of 50 mm while cutting tolerance is ± .001.” This in itself lets you know that there is incredible flexibility when working with modern digital cutting. Contact Evans/EVCO today to learn more about digital cutting and a wide range of other important products and services for industry and manufacturing. Evans/EVCO is your go-to source for the best in digital cutting services in Kansas City.