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Those in industry know the importance of choosing carefully when it comes to an essential product like self-wound overlaminates. In fact, this is a unique type of product that is used often in industry today and that offers many highly specialized properties that improve productivity. For example, this is a product that is typically engineered using adhesive formulas that are proprietary in nature. Self-wound overlaminates are available in multiple types when it comes to mil thickness and other parameters. Offering superior scratch protection this is the ideal tape for challenging applications in industry.   A Trusted Name in Self-Wound Overlaminates   There are a variety of options to choose among when talking about a unique product like self-wound overlaminates. For example, laminate matte is often offered in bulk and gives industry incredible flexibility in terms of projects that require this type of unique material. Even laminate polypropylene is required for different kinds of industrial applications. Evans EVCO is a trusted name in self-wound overlaminates. The company brings years of experience to the table when it comes to working with many different types of durable materials and adhesive products. This includes self-wound overlaminates for industrial application. Whether it is short-term outdoors applications or applications used indoors such as for indoor label and tag use, Evans EVCO is a company that simply gets it right.   Years of Experience   Evans EVCO routinely works with the full variety of overlaminates that are tested and proven reliable. Available in multiple thicknesses and a variety of face stocks, this is a product that must be chosen carefully by industry professionals wishing to maintain the highest levels of productivity at all time. Even laminate polyester type products must be considered when talking about self-wound overlaminates. With years of experience in working with all different types of industrial adhesive tapes as well as adhesives in general and packaging products, Evans EVCO is the smart choice for industry and businesses that demand the best in products. Contact Evans EVCO today to learn more about self-wound overlaminates and all that it makes possible.

When it comes to cutting various types of adhesives, tapes and other similar materials, getting it right in terms of the type of cutting that is performed can make a big difference overall. This is especially true when working with industrial tape or heavy-duty tape that requires precision in all aspects of the cutting phase. One kind of cutting in particular that has consistently exceeded industry expectations is something known as single blade cutting. This type of cutting is frequently used for non-adhesive and adhesive coated material for a more precise, reliable and dependable cut.   Precise Cut Every Time   Perhaps what is so unique about single blade cutting when talking about adhesive tape is that it allows for the actual slicing of what is known as pre-wound log roles of material. More specifically, it allows for cutting with incredible accuracy for specific widths of adhesive tape. This can include everything from 1/16 of an inch to 60 inch slit widths ensuring a clean and precise cut every time. With impressive cutting tolerances of .003”those requiring a wide variety of adhesive or non-adhesive coated materials can be sure that there order will be delivered within the designated tolerances. With so much to offer it is clear to see why single blade cutting is so valuable to industry today.   Adhesive and Non-Adhesive Tape   With core sizes from 1 inch to 3 inches and a maximum role diameter of 18 inches, there is a wide range of variances that can be worked with when using single blade type cutting equipment and procedures for adhesive and non-adhesive tapes and materials. Years of experience in the industry allows Evans EVCO to provide the absolute best in a full range of packaging and tape products including the cutting of adhesive and non-adhesive tape and materials as well as a host of other types of pressure sensitive materials in a very exacting way. Contact Evans EVCO today to learn more about single blade cutting and an array of other unique products and services.

Today more than ever before a wide range of industries require a variety of different and unique tapes for custom applications. One type of tape in particular frequently used in today’s industry is something known as laminate adhesive tape. This type of tape is often required for applications where a kind of tape is needed that can be simply pressed or laminated adhesive side down onto a particular material or surface. Once this has been accomplished, the liner is then peeled away for a strong and reliable bond.   Laminate Adhesive Tape is an Excellent Product   Laminate adhesive tape and other similar tape products come in a variety of styles and types for many different modern applications. For example, this kind of tape can be a high tack product or even one that is used for high-temperature resistance type projects. Either way, laminate adhesive tape is an excellent product used in many different modern industrial applications. It is considered a high performance tape that can be used in various industrial joining type projects. Robust, rugged and long lasting, this is a tape that is designed to last. Evans EVCO is a trusted and reliable source for a host of unique industrial tapes, adhesives and packaging products.   Products Designed To Improve Productivity For Industry   From packaging tape to single coated tapes and adhesive transfer tapes as well as double coated tapes, the possibilities are endless when choosing to work with this true industry leader. Years of experience and a dedication and commitment to outstanding products as well as excellent customer service have allowed the company to exceed expectations on a yearly basis. The company offers a full array of specialty tapes and custom products designed to improve productivity for industry. In addition, Evans EVCO offers many different types of industrial cutting services including digital cutting, single blade cutting and rotary die cutting. Contact Evans EVCO today to learn more about the best in laminate adhesive tape products with a proven track record.