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Value Added Adhesive Solutions for Industry Since 1930
Today, more than ever before, people are moving and relocating from state to state and even from one country to another. That is why it is so important to have access to the very best in a wide variety of packaging related supplies, equipment, accessories and tools. From cushioning and protection materials to a full range of tapes as well as palletizing products and cartons and containers along with dispensers and other types of equipment, it is essential to use the right packing supplies when moving. Cartons and Containers For example, tape dispensers and related equipment come in a host of different types of styles and designs. From standard tape dispensers to heavy-duty dispensers and tape machines, tape in general plays a vital role in helping to ensure that any move goes as planned. Equally important is to consider all the different kinds of cartons and containers that are frequently used in the moving process. From regular slotted cartons to mailing tubes and large boxes as well as any other different type of cardboard boxes or cartons, few moves would be successful without this important moving accessory. Perhaps one of the most essential elements of any move is the right type of cushioning and protection related products. Quality-Packaging Products From simple protective paper to a full variety of protective films and different types of protective transparencies, there are many ways to protect delicate and breakable items when moving. Not only should the right cushioning and protection items be chosen but it is important to pack items that are delicate or fragile in the right way. Taking the time to use the correct equipment and to pack in the right way can ultimately save money, time and trouble for those making a short or long haul move. With so much to offer it is clear to see why quality-packaging products truly make a difference. Contact Evans EVCO today to learn more about high-quality packaging products that are designed to protect and to facilitate even the most complex of moves.

Used in a wide range of applications, industrial tapes are important for adhesive bonding, packaging and wrapping as well as masking and even for insulation. It is important to note that industrial tapes come in different varieties that are typically subdivided into either non-adhesive or adhesive type tape. This kind of strong and durable tape is commonly used for joining materials while non-adhesive tapes and other types of specialty tapes are used for applications such as electrical insulation or thread sealing. Modern Tapes Even static discharge control can be managed better when using the right type of tape. Other unique applications for modern and advanced tapes include x-ray shielding as well as x-ray type photo marking. Labeling and part identification can also be facilitated through the use of the right kind of tape. Heat sinks, welding operations or directional type markings as well as thermal protection and the need for nonskid functionality all benefit greatly from various types of modern tapes. Few materials can compare to today’s advanced tapes when it comes to friction reduction and other similar applications. High-Quality Adhesive It is important to note that there are different types of tape categories. This includes single-sided adhesive tape, non-adhesive tape and double-sided adhesive tapes as well as transfer tape. Non-adhesive industrial tape does not have adhesive applied but in many cases can be self-adhering. Conversely, single-sided adhesive tape will have just one side of the tape coated with some type of adhesive material. In addition, double-sided adhesive tape is a kind of tape that obviously has both sides of the material coated with a high-quality adhesive product as discussed. Versatile Industrial Application For certain applications, there may be two variations of pressure sensitive adhesive used on this style of tape. The liners used in double-sided adhesive tape can vary as well. Finally, transfer tape is a unique type of robust and very versatile industrial application tape. This tape is composed of a thin adhesive film without any type of backing necessary. Contact Evans EVCO today to learn more about a full range of professional grade tapes for business and industry.

Today high-quality adhesive tape is more useful than ever before for both business and industry. That is why it’s so important to understand the basics when it comes to this essential product that is used on a daily basis across a wide range of industries. For example, peel strength is an important consideration when talking about adhesive tape. This is simply the adhesion force required when attempting to separate two surfaces that are bonded. In addition, tensile strength is a key aspect of the physical properties of tape that must be considered. In essence, tensile strength is the actual force necessary to break a section of tape, laminate or film. Dielectric Strength This is usually most easily accomplished by exerting force on the opposite ends of a piece of tape. Also important to consider is temperature resistance. A good quality adhesive tape will have a maximum temperature limit where the product will continue to work normally. Dielectric strength is equally of concern when choosing the right type of adhesive tape. It is simply the voltage that a particular type of adhesive tape can withstand without allowing current to pass through the product. When talking about adhesive tape, another consideration is in understanding the actual adhesive itself. Protection of the Adhesive In essence, an adhesive is nothing more than a coating that is applied to the substrate of the tape to ensure proper application. With non-adhesive tapes, of course there will be no adhesive involved. In addition, something known as the carrier or the backing of the tape is nothing more than a flexible thin material that allows for the application of adhesive so that the tape is fully functional. Finally, something known as release liners are the thin film, material or paper that is applied to tape to allow for protection of the adhesive. This is usually a nonstick coating that protects the adhesive so that it is ready for use when needed. The release liner is removed and discarded prior to use. Contact Evans EVCO today to learn more about a full range of industrial quality adhesive tapes.